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Clinical Pharmacy

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Clinical Pharmacy is one of the new branches of pharmacy, it started nearly a quarter of a century ago and produced a new generation of clinical pharmacists interested in direct  patient care by providing pharmaceutical care services rather than traditional focusing on medicinal product to co-operate with the medical team in the care of patients in terms of optimizing medication use, health promotion and disease prevention in order to meet the health challenges and raise the efficiency of pharmaceutical care services.


The mission of the department of Clinical Pharmacy is to improve health care through innovation in education, patient care research, and public health. The faculty works closely with the department to deliver a quality programs leading to the Bachelor Science in Pharmacy degree (Bsc.Pharmacy).


The department of Clinical Pharmacy is seeking to be the primary education source in terms of providing high quality education to future clinical pharmacists that focuses on patient care through pharmaceutical care process in theoretical and practical education and research work in the area of patient care and health assembly.

The Department of Clinical Pharmacy supports the vision of Pharmacy school by: 


1.     Providing education to students in various aspects of pharmacy practice, utilizing the principles of pharmaceutical care, problem-based learning and critical thinking that all together enable them to acquire in-depth expertise in pharmaceutical, social/economic management and in related sciences in order to function as practitioners and scientists.

2.     Serving the community by providing pharmaceutical care activities that lead to improvements in healthcare delivery and enhances health outcomes.

3.     Contributing to the profession of pharmacy by participation in leadership roles in pharmaceutical organization and community programs.



1.     Contribute leadership at the local, national levels to fulfill the mission and visions of the department, faculty, university and profession.

2.     Improve the health and well-being of patients by facilitating and providing safe and effective medication use, and by identifying, examining and eliminating barriers to optimal medication use.

3.     Advance the role of pharmacy and pharmacists in improving the public health and enhancing the quality of human life through education and training, clinical preventive services, and community-based health promotion and disease prevention activities.


The Department of Clinical Pharmacy is responsible for teaching fourteen courses in the Bachelor Degree of Pharmacy Science. These courses are an integral part of the faculty curriculum.

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