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Pharmacognosy & Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Academic Staff


The department of pharmacognosy was established in 2007 and in 2010 the pharmaceutical chemistry has been affiliated to this department. The dept. embraces two labs for pharmacognosy and pharmaceutical chemistry. The medicinal plant herbarium and medicinal plant chamber has been established in 2011.


The department envisions to be recognized internationally for academic development, research and drug discovery through collaboration with other relevant national and international departments and institutions, as well as conduction of research programs.


The mission of the department is to pioneer the in screening programs for drug discovery and drug design from natural sources which is to be used in pharmaceutical practice and improvement health care in the region, as intact or its semi- and synthetic derivatives, especially in the fields of anticancers and antiviral agents.

Department requirements

The duration of study program at the school of pharmacy is five years, the subjects taught and related to the department as listed in the following table:

Course Code
Course No.
Course Title
1PH01181General Chemistry431First
2PH01012Analytical Chemistry431First
3PH02141Organic Chemistry I431Second
4PH02162Organic Chemistry II431Second
5PH03221Pharmacognosy I321Third
6PH03091Medicinal Chemistry I22-Third
7PH03232Pharmacognosy II321Third
8PH03122Medicinal Chemistry II22-Third
9PH04161Medicinal Chemistry III431Fourth
10PH04252Medicinal Chemistry IV431Fourth
11PH05001Advanced Pharmaceutical Analysis431Fifth
12PH05192Prodrug Approach22-Fifth
Total Credit Hours40