Viva of Master thesis in the School of Pharmacy-Pharmacognosy Department

On  Saturday 14th of May 2016 in hall No. 1 in the School of Pharmacy the MSc candidate (Hazhan Mohammed Hama Ali) presented her thesis (Phytochemical study of some alkaloids present in Catharanthus roseus cultivated in Kurdistan with chemical modifications on vinblastine and cytotoxic activity assessment of its derivative). The Thesis was accepted with very good grade.

Fourth Year Students Training Course 

Fourth year pharmacy students participated in a Training of Trainer(TOT) course associated with First Aid. The course lasted from 3rd to 9th of April, 2016 and a total of 25 hours was invested into teaching the participants the principles of training and first aid. The course was provided by Health Awareness and Education Center. Dr. Abdulfatah Hawrami and Ms. Zhino led the training. At the end of the course, the participants were awarded with certificates of participation that held the logos of Health Awareness and Education Center, Ministry of Health, and Sulaimaniyah University's College of  Pharmacy.

Viva of Master thesis in  the School of Pharmacy-Clinical Biochemistry Department

On  Wednesday  30th of March2016 in Audiovisual hall in the School of Medicine the MSc candidate Maysam Basim Alturaihi presented her thesis (Genetic Study of HMG-CoEnzyme A Reductase in Hyperlipidimic Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 Using Statins Therapy) under the supervision of Dr Abdulrahman Jamil Baban. The Thesis was accepted with very good grade.