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College of Pharmacy

Clinical Pharmacy


Clinical Pharmacy is one of the new branches of pharmacy. In Iraq, this branch was introduced to academia as an independent department nearly a quarter of a century ago. Through this department, students are going to focus on direct patient care by providing pharmaceutical care services via cooperation with the medical care providers in our health care system. Students are going to learn how to interact with patients in terms of optimizing medication use, improving the patient’s quality of life, and preventing drug therapy problems. In order to meet these challenges, students need to learn how to implement pharmaceutical care services in the context of our health care system.

Department Vision:

The department of Clinical Pharmacy is seeking to be the primary education source in terms of providing high-quality education to future clinical pharmacists that focuses on patient care through the pharmaceutical care process in both theoretical and practical education and research work in the area of patient care and health assembly.

The Department of Clinical Pharmacy supports the vision of Pharmacy school by:

  1. Providing education to students in various aspects of pharmacy practice, utilizing the principles of pharmaceutical care, problem-based learning, and critical thinking that all together enable them to acquire in-depth expertise in pharmaceutical, social and economic management, and related sciences in order to function as practitioners and scientists.
  2. Serving the community by providing pharmaceutical care activities that lead to improvements in healthcare delivery and enhance health outcomes.
  3. Contributing to the profession of pharmacy through participation in leadership roles in pharmaceutical organizations and community programs.

Department Mission:

The mission of the department of Clinical Pharmacy is to improve health care through innovation in education, patient care research, and public health. The faculty works closely with the department to deliver a quality programs leading to the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (Bsc.) degree.

Learning Outcomes:

This department explores different aspects of clinical pharmacy as an ever-growing form of modern-day pharmacy through the concepts of the pharmaceutical care process and patient-centered services. As a result, the students will learn the following:

  1. The details of the pathophysiological principles of the diseases.
  2. How to practice safe, appropriate, and cost-effective use of medications.
  3. How to practice the role and responsibility of the pharmacist as a health care provider

Study Methods:

The method of study in our department depends on various tools such as lectures, practical sessions, hospital and community pharmacy visits, case presentations, and reports. The assessment is achieved via two mid-term exams, final exams, essays, and reports.


The language of instruction at the Clinical Pharmacy Department is English for all courses.


The duration of study at this department as a part of the College of Pharmacy is 5 academic years of full-time study.

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